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Mukhyamantri Goencho Taxi Patrao Yojana

The Mukhyamantri Goencho Taxi Patrao Scheme is a significant initiative aimed at nurturing local talent and businesses in the vibrant state of Goa. Through the introduction of 100 new taxis, our goal extends beyond job creation; we are dedicated to empowering the young Goan population while fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

We being nature lover, we have launched all CNG cabs, which not only creates green future but also make transport a very sustainable model without harming nature and continues to contribute to the well-being of the planet earth.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Utkarsh Dabhade, envisions these taxis not merely as vehicles but as tools for young Goans to establish their businesses and become self-reliant taxi owners and operators. This then becomes job generating entrepreneur in turn and help boosts the local economy, in the doing they are not only benefiting themselves but also contributing to Goa's growth and prosperity, particularly in the thriving tourism sector.

The success of this initiative is a testament to the close collaboration between GoaMiles and the local community. We extend our sincere gratitude to the various stakeholders, including the Goa government and our loyal customers, who recognize the importance of investing in the youth of Goa.

At GoaMiles, we are not merely a transportation service, we are committed partners in the journey of progress. We eagerly anticipate witnessing our local youth succeed and witnessing a brighter, more promising future for Goa.

Founder's Vision Statement

Mr. Utkarsh Dabhade, a third-generation transporter and entrepreneur himself, envisions a sustainable passenger transport economy through innovation, optimization and disruption in the transportation sector. He believes in transforming the transportation experience into a seamless, multi-modal journey, where passengers enjoy not just a service but an exceptional experience. Simultaneously, he aims to create a positive impact on the transport economy for all key stakeholders and he vouches for the same all the time, in his interactions & writings.

His brainchild, 'GoaMiles,' was born from the idea of revolutionizing transportation in Goa. It provides a hassle-free, app-based travel service that benefits both customers and drivers. GoaMiles operates on a unique business model that ensures drivers retain their full earnings & the consumers gets the best rates.

Join us on our journey as we redefine transportation in Goa, he what he urges to the community & consumers, at large.!

Change Management: Empowering Women in Goa (Nari Shakti)

The global focus on empowering women has extended to Goa in recent years. GoaMiles is actively contributing to this cause by offering women in Goa the chance to become self-reliant. Through our Goencho Taxi Patrao Scheme, endorsed by the respected Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Shri Pramod Sawant, GoaMiles is not just enhancing the travel experience in Goa but also opening doors for women in the traditionally male-dominated taxi industry, turning them into Taxi Patraos (Taxi Owners).

Our goal is to create opportunities for women to become taxi owners in Goa. Transforming society by empowering women as taxi owners is a central part of GoaMiles' strategy for positive change. Our approach to women's empowerment as a change management initiative focuses on providing a level playing field, enabling women to unleash their full potential.

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Anup Gaonkar

That's great. Now taxi mafia won't be able to loot Goa people. Earlier I used to pay 500 to travel from Chopdem to Mapusa I.e. 10 km. Now I have to pay half of the prize i.e. 250 only. Thanks to this app.

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Marliyn Pinto

I'm really excited about this app! With already 33,000+ downloads the general sentiment is too about excitement! I notice that the app is constantly getting updates n improvements, kudos guys.

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Durgadas Chaudhari

This is smooth app with great service. I just traveled Goa and used it. The cabs are clean and neat. No need to bargain or worry about reaching destination properly since the drivers are professionals.