Mukhyamantri Goencho Taxi Patrao Yojana

In a remarkable move towards modernizing and revolutionizing the transportation landscape in Goa, GoaMiles has introduced the pioneering "Mukhyamantri Goencho Taxi Patrao Yojana". This innovative initiative has not only earned accolades but has also garnered attention for its potential to reshape the taxi industry in the state

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Utkarsh Dabhade, GoaMiles has taken a significant step towards enhancing both the taxi services and the livelihoods of local drivers. The company is set to distribute a massive total of 1000 taxis to the Goan youth across the picturesque landscape of Goa in multiple phases of the scheme.

Our Founder’s perspective extends beyond the immediate impact of taxi distribution. He envisions a future where Goan youth are not just beneficiaries but active participants in the region's growth story. Through this scheme, he hopes to ignite a spirit of innovation, determination, and community engagement among the younger generation, ultimately shaping a stronger, more self-reliant Goa.


GoaMiles MultiModal App Launch Event
7 September 2023

Launch of GoaMiles Multi-Modal Transport App - happened On September 7, 2023 at the hands of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Goa Dr. Pramod Sawant and Hon'ble Transport Minister of Goa Mauvin Godinho GoaMiles proudly #transforming commutation experience across the state of Goa in partnership with Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd (KTCL), a Government of Goa Undertaking. Why it's #groundbreaking: This app signifies a significant leap in how people in Goa access transportation. Instead of relying on a single mode of travel, our #multimodal App empowers passengers to seamlessly switch between different transportation options within a single journey, all while using just one ticket. We have integrated Taxi, Kadamba E-Bus, E-Auto, E-Pilot Bike under single platform. Enhanced #accessibility: The app brings together various transportation modes, making it easier for individuals to reach even remote destinations in Goa.

Reduced Wait Times : Efficient #journey planning, With real-time updates and efficient scheduling, passengers experience less time waiting at bus stops and taxi stands, ensuring they get to their Miles destinations promptly.

#costeffective -Efficiency :
Our Multi-Modal App provides an affordable alternative to private transportation, promoting sustainable travel choices. that don't strain personal budgets.

#Seamless Booking :
Booking tickets and rides is now a breeze with our user-friendly app, ensuring a convenient and stress-free travel experience. By allowing passengers to transit effortlessly between different modes of transportation within one journey, all using a single ticket, our multimodal approach simplifies travel, minimizes wait times, and encourages cost-effective, #sustainable choices for the public.