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GoaMiles Terms & Condition & Guidelines for Drivers/Taxi Owner/Operator

We hereby like to receive a deem acceptance as a consent from every individual taxi owner, driver, operator / agent registered under GoaMiles platform to adhere to following terms & conditions along with certain guidelines laid down by Goa State Transport Authority. Kindly note these this document can be updated on time to time basis as and when there are updates from management or directions from Government agencies

  • Government mandated Terms and conditions as provided on the "Taxi App System" shall be mandatorily be applicable to the GoaMiles Drivers / Taxi Owners / Operators / Agents, and they understand and acknowledges the same while registering with GoaMiles App during the process of profile creation.

  • GoaMiles Drivers / Taxi Owners / Operators / Agents need to follow a strict guidelines of paper documentation along with complying to a verified process being supervised by Department of Transport at the time of enrollment in the system and during the business execution

  • GoaMiles Driver needs to comply to the proper dress code on duty as per guidelines given issued by Department of Transport. Color choice available is either white or khaki

  • GoaMiles Driver/ Taxi Owners / Operators / Agents needs to follow the most ethical practices of observing rules and regulations so that Tourist/passenger feel being safe and serviced properly in line with the Goan Culture “Athiti Devo Bhavo”

  • GoaMiles Driver/ Taxi Owners / Operators / Agents need to comply with all regulatory framework like RTO Tax, vehicle insurance, vehicle fitness certificate, Driving licenses possession, transport permits and PUC all the time with all other mandatory compliance as laid down by Department of Transport

  • GoaMiles Driver needs to maintain a strict discipline of road driving, no harsh tone while talking to the GoaMiles passengers reached out for any information need to asked or provided. GoaMiles Driver/ Taxi Owners / Operators / Agents needs to adhere to some social discipline of being courteous and professional to all our customers and members of the public, Act in a manner that is not likely to bring GoaMiles into disrepute, Presentable manner of cheerfulness, Timely Pickup & Drop, Communicate with Passengers in a friendly manner, Fulfil their commitments once they have accepted a GoaMiles Duty, Face Disciplinary Action if not adhere to Timely Guidelines & Auctioning it, Give a Customer Experience that will make them avail our Services Again & Again & Again…

  • GoaMiles goes strictly as per guidelines laid down by the transport department & would not tolerate any indiscipline, of what so ever nature, with limited or full ban on GoaMiles Driver duties from GoaMiles app if found guilty. Following are the major considerations of violations

    • Mental or Sexual harassment [ This will have treated as per the judiciary procedures]
    • Refusal of service;
    • Using derogatory or harassing language directed at passenger;
    • Rating a passenger on the basis of sex, race, caste, creed, religion, or nationality.
    • Fighting with passengers over balance fare
  • GoaMiles Driver cannot ask for any payment apart for the charges shown on the app at the end of the trip, as the mobile app rates are calibrated as per the notified rates of Department of Transport & fully complies with all the guidelines

  • Taxi owners /Agents / operator shall ensure their have Drivers police verification report, self-attested copies of their KYC lDs like PAN card, Passport / Voter ID /Aadhar card, local address and contact details of two family members. This information will be kept safe and shared with other agencies only as per the GoaMiles Data security policy

  • KYC and background verification shall be mandatory to the individual/operator & owner of Taxis

  • GoaMiles charges are published on the App and Web portal. All Driver/ Taxi Owners / Operators / Agents shall perform their respective duties as per the billing shown in the APP

  • GoaMiles allows only a motor cab which has a valid fitness certificate issued from the Transport Department and has an engine capacity of 998 CC above in case of petrol or diesel vehicle. The GoaMiles Taxi should be driven on clean fuel electric battery operated / petrol / diesel. The Taxi should meet emission standards as prescribed from time to time by the Transport Department. The taxi should have updated and valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC).

  • GoaMiles allows enrollment of taxis in the following category of as per the new guidelines of State transport authority

    • AGT (All Goa Tourist)
    • Yellow black taxis
    • All India Tourist Permit AITP taxis
    • Yellow Black Motorcycles
    • Rent a cab & Rent a bike etc
  • Taxi owners /Agents / operators registered vehicles would have to comply with the fuel specified for the city while operating for GoaMiles for intra city transport on long term hiring/ leasing, for ferrying tourists, local passengers, employees of government / private companies etc.

  • The Agent / Operator / Taxi owner shall ensure that each AC Taxi is equipped with proper temperature control device in proper working order and AC / Non AC taxi is fitted with working electronic digital fare meter on the front panel (dashboard) as per STA guidelines

  • The GoaMiles enrolled Driver shall have adequate knowledge of the roads and routes of Goa so that the passengers are not inconvenienced

  • The GoaMiles enrolled Driver shall be of good moral character without any criminal record. Any person who has been convicted within the past seven years of driving under the influence of drug or alcohol, also has been convicted at any time for any cognizable offence under the Criminal Code of Procedure 1973 including fraud, sexual offences, use of a motor vehicle to commit a cognizable offence, a crime involving property dispute and / or theft, acts of violence or acts of terror must not be engaged by the Agent / Operator / Taxi owner.

  • Touting | Hijacking are not allowed for any of the taxi in business in the state of Goa & will be seriously dealt

  • Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall ensure that, their Taxis shall be suitably insured commercially as prescribed from time to time under applicable Laws of India.

  • Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall ensure that, their Taxis have a valid contract carriage permit issued by the State Transport Authority under section 74 of the MV Act, to operate as a Taxi. The permit issued by the transport authority shall be displayed at a prominent place in the Taxi preferably near the rare view mirror for the visibility

  • The Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall adhere to the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and rules framed there under and the terms and conditions prescribed by the Transport department from time to time for providing the Taxi services.

  • Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall ensure that their Driver shall not drive under the influence of drugs, liquor, psychotic medicines or any such prohibited materials.

  • Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall ensure that their Driver shall not drive when contracted with contagious diseases or conjunctivitis. Driver shall adhere to all safety norms as may be made applicable from time to time

  • The GoaMiles Driver Taxi is permitted to fly within the geographical limits of the Goa as per the guidelines of Transport Department of the State concerned. Out state travel will be as per the permit granted.

  • Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall ensure that Taxi shall be fitted with GPS and GPRS based tracking device as mandated by central government. Billing to the passenger is though "Taxi App System" when the taxi is registered with GoaMiles app or Digital Fare Meter incase vehicle is not registered with GoaMiles. Meter shall have printer, and a display panel showing the path traversed and total distance covered. The device shall be in constant communication with the Central Control room of the transport department in case of vs. in case of group category, the device shall be in constant communication with the central control room of the licensee white the taxi is on hire. ln case of closure of the said GPS, the reason thereof is to be recorded by the licensee along with the duration of such closure. Please refer to STA guidelines for meter specifications

  • lf the Driver/ Taxi owners /Agents / operators intentionally uses or causes or allows a Taxi to be used in any manner not authorized by the permit or provisions mentioned herein, the Driver and Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall be jointly and severally responsible for any injury, harm, offence or crime committed by any person, including the driver.

  • The Driver/ Taxi owners /Agents / operators shall undertake to indemnify and protect the GoaMiles and State Transport Department from and against all actions, suites, proceedings losses, costs, damages, charges, claims and demands of any nature and description, act or omission of the Driver/ Taxi owners /Agents / operators or its employees or, during the engagement of the it’s business with GoaMiles

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