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That's great. Now taxi mafia won't be able to loot Goa people. Earlier I used to pay 500 to travel from Chopdem to Mapusa I.e. 10 km. Now I have to pay half of the prize i.e. 250 only. Thanks to this app.

Anup Gaonkar

I'm really excited about this app! With already 33,000+ downloads the general sentiment is too about excitement! I notice that the app is constantly getting updates n improvements, kudos guys.

Marilyn pinto

This is smooth app with great service. I just traveled Goa and used it. The cabs are clean and neat. No need to bargain or worry about reaching destination properly since the drivers are professionals.

Durgadas Chaudhari

I think one of the best booking apps in Goa.Its interface is extremely easy to use.

Xkid Billie

It's fantastic apps easy to handle awesome really Good

Amol Kanadaje

It's very helpful, n convenient. I encourage this.

Cedrick DCunha

Very good initiative taken up by the Goa Govt.. great app which makes commuting across Goa very easy.

Yash Salgaonkar

Good initiative from the Government of Goa. Hoping to see some progress in the taxi domain.

Nagarjun Kinare

I A very good initiative from Goa govt. Especially for the tourists who visit the place. In absence of other cab services, this can be a huge success. Although the prices are high, they're prefixed, so lessens the bargain n exploration by drivers in absence of metres in current taxies.


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